e-Commerce with Microsoft Dynamics 365


Take your sales to a whole new level with e-Commerce fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Get online quickly with an affordable program that provides all of the functionality you need to get started and scales as your business grows. If you already have an e-Commerce site, make it better by having it connected in real-time to your system.

Because your e-Commerce is fully integrated within Microsoft Dynamics 365 you get real-time stock and shopping cart calculation with orders processed instantly. Best of all, there is no cumbersome transfer of data from system to system which means everything moves faster and more accurately.

Make your online shop serve you with easy to manage and edit capabilities without specialized skills required.  The program gives you control over the look and feel of your online presence and maximize SEO.

As your business and traffic grow, the integrated e-Commerce solution grows with you.  More stores, languages, currencies, countries, traffic peaks and specialized pricing rules are all easily handled in upgraded levels.

Solution Dynamics is your source for fully integrated e-Commerce solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Just like the rest of your implementation, we’ll make sure the e-Commerce solution is a match to your specific needs.