Production Scheduling with NAV

Production Planning

NAV users can access the best planning capabilities in real time, in a single click and at an affordable price with PlannerOne© for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

PlannerOne© for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is developed using the latest Microsoft technology (Visual Studio 2013, .Net 4) and integrated into the Windows (RTC) and Web client of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

This component uses web services to interact with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV functionalities, enabling real-time communications which accommodate the integrity requirements of ERP business processes.


Collaborative Planning Tool:

Manufacturers face numerous constraints on a daily basis as they strive to ship orders on-time and at minimum cost.  If equipment, labor, and materials were unlimited…life would be much easier. However, the reality of this globally competitive manufacturing landscape is that production managers and planners have limited resources with which to work.  PlannerOne gives you the tools to maximize your utilization of limited resources by creating schedules that take all of your resources into account as schedules are optimized around your business drivers.

Key Functionality: 

Allows users to easily move orders around with Drag-and-Drop tool feature and always respects constraints while automatically moving other work out of the way.

  • Includes advanced scheduling features like overlap, storage constraints, and custom constraints.
  • Gives the look-and-feel of Microsoft products for easy usage.
  • Manages all constraints by taking into account materials, machines, labor, and tooling.
  • Infinitely customizes activity labels on our powerful Resource Gantt and Job Gantt.
  • Shows resource utilization and availability by looking at an organized Capacity Plan graph and grid.
  • Highlights problems, like bottlenecks, in red so you’ll never miss a scheduling conflict again.