ERP Consultation

ERP Consultation

Selecting a new business and financial management system is difficult. It's even difficult to know what to look for when performing software comparisons. Every product promises to improve your business processes, give management better access to information, and increase your bottom line. 

Your Solution Dynamics team has extensive experience assisting companies in selecting and successfully deploying ERP projects specifically for distribution and manufacturing companies both in the cloud or on premise. Our team of experts will:

  • Perform an in-depth review of your business and accounting processes, current technical environment, and management reporting needs
  • Evaluate your financial accounting, manufacturing, and distribution requirements
  • Provide a detailed report that will include recommendations for process improvements, interface points, and timelines required for a successful ERP implementation.

This process is critical for the overall project success however it is not the norm in the software industry.This standard practice and process gives you confidence that we are focused on providing a solution that fits your business, not ours.

To be competitive today, companies must have the best tools to run their business at top efficiency. Your ERP systems encompass all prospect and customer information; from soliciting new business, presenting a quote, taking the order, manufacturing and servicing the product, to delivering the product, sending the invoice and collecting the payment. 

FREE Business Consultation

During this consultation:

1) We complete a detailed profile outlining your current software systems, top ten business drivers for new software and unique software requirements. We also discuss BANT which is budget, approval authority, need and timeline to insure that together we have identified the components necessary to enable your team to make an informed and timely decision.

2) For clients requiring a more complete organizational analysis, we offer a fee-based full software system analysis. To facilitate this, we meet with each key manager to document departmental information needs, current processes and information flows, plus sample reports used or desired. The resulting deliverable is a document that provides a comprehensive review by department on all major requirements and how unique requirements can be addressed. This analysis gives you a solid understanding of the ERP project and ensures that we are able to provide reliable project cost estimates.

3) Solution Dynamics also has tools to conduct a comprehensive functional requirements ERP study, to develop a detailed list of the required software functionality by department. Once completed, this fee based service results in a functionality list which can be compared to the top software solution vendor capabilities to give you a list of who is best equipped meet your requirements. This analysis can be used for an RFP process if applicable in your situation.