Bill of Materials


Bill of Materials is a powerful, functional & easy-to-maintain feature included in the Manufacturing module of Microsoft Dynamics 365. With it's innovative routing design BOM allows users to have different versions of the both BOM and routing, with the added ability to run comparison reports for various BOM versions at the same item. It also provides separate functionalities for collecting adequate labor of specific purchase orders, tracking discrete labor & burden costs of production operations, as well as a requisition mechanism that relates 365 to the purchase orders.

Save different BOM versions: Often a manufacturer produces different versions of the same product. With the ability to save different BOM versions, one can easily keep track of changes made in the design of a particular item over time to facilitate further enhancements in the product.

Add new BOM versions: This functionality allows the user to add new versions of the product depending on the market demand. The user can add up to 50 BOM versions for any product.

Add alternate BOMs wherever necessary: Sometimes the specifications and features of two different versions of a product might be so identical that they can substitute each other wherever necessary. With this feature of BOM, the manufacturer can easily identify identical or near-identical versions of a product.

Compare the differences between two BOM versions: With the features of all the versions of an item mentioned clearly in the BOM, one can easily identify the feature differences between two BOM versions.